Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tips on Buying New & Used Cars

Cars are an investment.  We know that car buying is a huge decision, affecting financing, safety, and personal reliance. We’re here to help.  In today’s blog, we've decided to provide the advantages of buying new and used.  The decision really boils down to what you can afford and what option will give you peace of mind in the future. 

Buying New
·      Reduced Maintenance – buying a new vehicle means no worries for a while.  Only the occasional tune-up and oil change are required.

·      Warranty Coverage – the manufacturer covers new vehicles under warranty for at least 3 years, some even longer.  With manufacturer warranties, if something goes wrong it's the responsibility of the dealer and manufacturer to fix it.

·      Peace of Mind – if you do encounter problems with a new vehicle, you have legal recourse through state lemon laws (available in every state). 

·      Roadside Assistance – All mainstream new cars come with free roadside assistance while the vehicle is under warranty.  Also, you could be reimbursed for alternate transportation should something goes wrong.

Buy Used
·      Increased Choice – With used cars, you have a large choice of cars to choose from.  Someone is always selling your dream car in mint condition.

·      Improving Reliability – used vehicles don’t usually have the same warranties as new ones, however the original factory warranty is transferable to a second owner at no charge.

·      Just Like New – According to Edmunds: “Another trend that makes buying used a better option is the proliferation of certified pre-owned programs. The idea started with luxury brands such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz and has become a popular alternative for car buyers.”

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