Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Do YOU Find the Right Vehicle? (POLL)

At a car dealership, our main priority is finding the perfect vehicle for you: the consumer.  In today’s day and age, so many individuals are well versed in what they want.  Through careful research in online forums, review sites and word of mouth, they know the exact model to fit their lifestyle-all the way down to the trim color.  In today’s blog, we would like to get YOUR feedback.  We want to know how you research a new vehicle.  Just leave your comments below to discuss.  Thanks for your participation!

Feel free to choose an option below or create your own!

1.    I research cars through sites like Edmunds, Car and Driver and Consumer Reports to find a great fit with reviews I can trust

2.    I talk to my friends and family about what cars are reasonably priced and affordable.

3.    I use social media as a mechanism for questions and answers on the newest vehicles.

4.    I call up the dealership directly and inquire about a vehicle

5.    I visit my closest dealership’s website for more information

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