Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Most POPULAR New Years Resolutions

We’re a week in. Your palms are sweaty as you wipe your brow, fending off the urge to bite into that Krispy Kreme donut. Your New Years Resolution was to eat right, but you’re feverishly ill from the lack of a sugar rush. You take a deep breath, stand up and walk away. Crisis averted. It’s 2012 and you’ve said time and time again that you’ll stick to your guns and uphold your New Year’s Resolutions. You’re going to eat right, exercise and finally finish that novel you’ve been working on. A resolution can be a great tool for self-improvement and as long as you stick to the regiment you’ve created, you can come out victorious. In today’s blog, we have an infographic from LiveScience of the most popular resolutions.

Did you vow to quit drinking and lose weight in the new year? Find out who else made the same resolutions in today's GoFigure infographic.

Is buying a New vehicle your New Year's Resolution? Check out this list of the most popular and make your decision in the comments below!


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