Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apple’s Siri is Coming to Cars

Voice recognition never sounded so HOT

Apple caused their normal pandemonium (oxymoron, of course) on Monday when they announced the release of a vehicle integration system that allows drivers to access Siri with a tap of the steering wheel.  What’s being deemed the “Eyes Free” system, Apple is on the verge of changing the technology world once again.  This integration isn’t new and there’s no guarantee it will deter distracted drivers, but nonetheless, it’s Apple.

“It was inevitable this would happen,” said Ed Kim, an industry analyst with Asia Pacific. “The way that Siri works is better than what any of the other automaker devices can do. So why not just let the phone do it itself?”

Hands free devices seem to be the wave of the future as carmakers embrace these devices with open arms.  Some automakers already offer a similar product that allows drivers to make calls, get directions or play certain songs by voice command.  Both Chrysler’s Uconnect and Ford’s Sync are similar.  However, Apple seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to electronics. 

Siri’s technology will translate over to vehicles with voice commands and recognition with safety advocates super excited about the project.  This pulls drivers away from the distraction of smartphones that can prove detrimental to reaction speed and timing.  We’ll provide more info as it comes in, or you could

Just ask Siri…

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