Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Top Car Technologies Voted By Car Buyers

A J.D. Power Report discussed car buyers’ favorite technological advances when it comes to their vehicles.  We all play victim to the vast power and influence of electronics.  From the DVR recorder in our homes we use to record shows like Desperate Housewives and Top Gear, to the iPad that sits on our lap at the dinner table, we’re all connected in one way or the other.  At the dealership, we love new technology.  So, according to J.D. Power and Associates, these are the top 10 technologies car buyers’ need:

1.    Run-flat tires – these tires protect you from a flat by providing an additional 50 miles at 50 mph to get to a gas station after your tire pops.

2.    Navigation Systems – an in-dash navigation system is a great tool for finding your away around.  Use this to find local restaurants, navigate a new city, and in some cases, avoid traffic.

3.    Premium Surround Sound System – everyone can appreciate a great sound system.  How else can you listen to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at full blast?

4.    Back-up Assist – SUVs are especially avid at including these.  Back-up assist acts as a rear-view camera that boosts your visibility when backing up.  Great for avoiding objects like bicycles and other vehicles.

5.    Heated/Cooled Seats – These seats have small “pinholes” that emit cool (or hot) air to flow from a fan or air condition unit embedded in the seats.

6.    Keyless Entry System – Keyless entry is easy because the small keyless sensor stays in your pocket or purse, allowing you to start your car remotely.  By being in close proximity you can unlock dorrs and push a button on the dash to start your engine. 

These are just a few of the tech that people need to have, for the full list visit,0,5168532.photogallery

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