Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Full Size Remote Racing Car? There’s An App for That

We’re HUGE fans of technology.  At the dealership, our lives revolve around the constant shift and change of our vehicle lineup as more technological advances make our vehicles even more cutting edge than their existing models.  Like kids in a candy store, we perfect our craft, getting to know each vehicle in and out.  

In today’s blog, we found out that an automotive engineer that shares our passion for cars has taken it to the next level by teaming up with a mobile phone game developer to create the first ever full-sized remote racing car driven remotely by…you guessed it: a smartphone.  

As part of a promotion for the new Sony Experia smartphone Dr. Brighton, the automotive engineer, turned two roadsters into giant remote control cars. 

"The primary challenge is trying to create an interface that someone can actually drive a car with in a similar manner to the way they drive the game," he said.  Martin Noriander, co-founder of Pixelbite, challenged English technology journalist Hunter Skipworth to a race at Bentwaters, an abandoned RAF air base about 130km northeast of London.”

Both cars made it through the course unscathed, with Skipworth winning by a hair.  "I never thought I would end up using a phone to control a car," Skipworth said.  

Self-driving cars? Wow, the future is here!  Tell us what you think below. 

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