Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Best Ways to Make Your Tires Twinkle

We love our cars.  SUV’s, coupes, sedans, mini-vans…they’ve all become an integral part of our busy lifestyles.  We know that you take pride in your vehicle, giving it the routine wash, occasional ‘spit’ shine when necessary, but it’s always been difficult to clean one location efficiently.  The tires!  In today’s blog, we’ve got a couple options for you to choose from.


The Spray-on method is an easy to use solution in a bottle with a sprayer and nozzle on top.  Basically, you apply the spray directly to the tires, making sure to not spray TOO close.  By using a sweeping motion to cover a large area, you can achieve a nice wet glossy look to your tires.  What’s the only downside?  The spray-on sheen can sometimes leave stains on the side of your car from an outside breeze.  We recommend using it inside a garage or putting the liquid on a sponge and applying it manually. 


When compared to the spray-ons of the world, a gel seems to last longer, enabling a lasting effect with tires over time.  You’ll need an applicator, and a sponge for this method.  The gel gives a nice black color to tires without the ‘gloss’ effect.  You can achieve a glossier look by applying a second coat of gel, just be sure to wait a few minutes for the gel to dry, as it could attract dirt if it’s driven on too quickly. 


Foam Tire shine also comes with it’s own spray bottle and the easiest to apply.  This type also cleans off the dirt from your tires.  Just apply the foam and wipe it after it sits idle for a couple of minutes. However, be careful with some products that may turn your tires brown or yellow. Some tires really do not agree with certain tire shine products so you may have to try a new product.

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