Thursday, October 25, 2012

Motorcycle Safety Tips and Driving Around Motorcycles

When the weather is nice, it seems that people forget about proper motorcycle safety. To keep the road safe for both drivers and bikers, here are some tips for the people on four wheels. 

When making left turns, look for traffic... Then look AGAIN for bikers!
Most car/bike accidents happen in intersections when a car turns right in front of a biker.

Let them swerve.
Motorcycle riders often weave within their lane from side to side. They do this sometimes to avoid potholes, road kill and puddles of oil. Bikers also like to change position in their lane to stay out of people’s blind spots.

Stay back
When riding behind a motorcycle, increase your following distance. Motorcycles have a quicker stopping distance than cars. You can't stop as quickly as they can.

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